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Data Protection

Data Security falls into two main areas – firstly from malicious attack from outside and secondly guarding valuable internal data assets from intruders or internal lapses.

Protecting the valuable data throughout your organization is critical. You want to make sure that your intellectual property doesn’t fall into the hands of someone who isn’t authorized to have it. Plus, you need to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls to meet diverse compliance requirements related to your industry and your company policies.

It is tempting to lock away the organization’s critical data to keep it safe. But that stifles the ability of employees to collaborate and innovate. Your employees need to be able to collabo­rate and access data more, not less. Using information you already own in different ways helps drive innovations that can differentiate your business and generate new revenues. Today’s busi­ness climate requires a data security solution that encourages collaboration while mitigating the risks associated with data access. Our experts can guide you into the best ways of achieving this.


ITP365 understands the absolute importance of securing your data.  We offer extensive experience in developing repeatable and successful disaster recovery plans. Industry-leading best practices, software and hardware technologies are at the heart of our online backup and recovery solutions.

Our full range of data protection services include:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • On-line Data Backup and Recovery

  • Anti-virus Protection

  • Data Loss Prevention

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